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Frequently(?) Asked Question

What is this, anyway?
This tool can be used to obfuscate your CSS code (class names only ... and CSS variabels), so it will be hard to read by human.
How it works?
After you hit Obfuscate button, it will scan your CSS codes and replace all classes selector with random string (usually shorter than original). It also replaces classes attributes on your HTML as well (if you provide both HTML and CSS in your source)
Will it works on TailwindCSS too?
Of course, yes. Because originally I created this for TailwindCSS, but it also likely works well with another CSS. Go test it by yourself.
I want to exclude some part of the CSS
/* obfuscate_css:disable */
to start exlude and
/* obfuscate_css:enable */
to end exlude. End code is optional, only use if you want to enable again.
How do I exclude a class name?
I'm working on it.
Can I see some examples?
Just view source of this page.

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